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Nooooo :-(

It looks like I might be in labour.
Cross everything for me xx


Sucky sucky suck

Okay, so this sucks but I have to do it.

I LOVE livejournal. Most of all I love the amazing friendships and people I have got to know here. I have always been a loyal LJ-er, catching up on my f-list every day. Then something changed, I went on a 'friending frenzy' eager to expand my awesome network. It backfired - my list exploded with posts and I became overwhelmed and stopped reading. I have tried to catch up over and over again the past few months but everytime I just get overwhelmed again. The worst part is that in doing this I am losing contact with even my closest and most special LJ friends. I'm missing out on major stuff happening in their lives. I just spent 20 minutes trying to skim my flist and wow some of the stuff going on is a big deal and I've not been there for people (despite them having always been there for me). I've also fallen SO far behind.

I've been avoiding doing this but I just have to.

I have to cut my friends list right back to my nearest and dearest - the people I have spent years building up a friendship with. Please, no hard feelings if I remove myself from your journal. It's not that I'm not interested, loads of my new friends are super interesting but I either do this now or I can see I'll just end up fading away from LJ altogether.

I'll keep this post public for a bit.. sorry again for being a shitty LJ friend (old peeps and new).


Working on those resolutions..

Bedtime reading with Ry <3

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That face..

Gets me EVERY single time.


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Friends cut..

I have been doing some lj cuts recently.. Most likely reason for cuts are; inactive or barely active journals or general lack of connection.

If you could please check your friends list and if I have removed you - could you please remove me from your friends list also.



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Friends only...

I've just been inadvertently reminded that I never did that whole friends only post thing...

So here it is (my journal has been friends only for sometime);


***feel free to add me if you wish (an accompanying message would be appreciated). Almost all people who read my journal are people I've met though LJ that I share some common interest with. My journal is mostly about life, my relationship, my wedding and baby plans and just life-in-general. Cheers***

Only 3.5hrs left to vote for coco... she's made it to 9th place (prizes extend to 10th place)...

... but she's just hanging on by a thread!!!

Please click and vote :D



Help my baby!

My baby girl needs your votes!!

Vote for my lil coco-pop - pleeeeeease!!!




I love my girlfriend.

So so so so much.

She is amazing.

~ that's all I wanted to say ~

over & out :D


Stupid stupid wisdom teeth....

So I had my appointment.

And an xray.

And the little bastards have to come out.

All of them. Under anaesthetic.

The only appointment for surgery is 3 days before I start my post-grad/masters. The appointment is the 20th Feb and orientation is the 23rd. They estimate the recovery to be at least a week *rolls eyes*.

And just to add insult to injury, I need 2 fillings too.

I hate the dentist. I plan on spending the rest of the day feeling utterly sorry for myself.